Cake Topper Material

At CGI we have wide range of different materials available to suite your needs.

1. 3mm Clear and Satin Acrylic – CGI 3mm Clear acrylic is high grade cast acrylic with gloss finish both sides. With Satin will have gloss finish on one side and Matt finish on the other

2. 3mm Solid Colour Acrylic – CGI 3mm Solid colour acrylic is premium grade cast acrylic with gloss finish both sides unless stated. Eg Matt black will have Matt Finish

3. 3mm Pastel Acrylic – CGI 3mm Pastel Acrylic are premium grade PRESPEX cast acrylic.

4. 3mm Mirror Acrylic – CGI 3mm Mirror Acrylic is premium grade acrylic with reflective mirror on one side and a solid dark grey at the back.

5. 3mm Glitter Acrylic – CGI 3mm Glitter is premium grade acrylic with real glitter cast inside the acrylic so it can be seen from both sides. It a long-lasting robust acrylic which don’t have fall out of glitter overtime.

6.  3mm Pearl Acrylic – CGI 3mm Pearl Acrylic is premium acrylic made with a pearlescent effect cast to create random swirling patterns. It has a polish finish on both sides.

7. 1.3mm two tone Acrylic – CGI 1.3mm two tone acrylic is cast acrylic with laminated finish in front and matt finish at back.

8. 2.5mm Bamboo/plywood – CGI 2.5mm Bamboo/plywood has an AA grade finish with high quality finely sanded finish on both sides.

Note: Please note that the colour in the photos may vary with actual product due to monitors/screen display colour differently. We don’t guarantee that the colour you see is 100% what you get on product.